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About Us

Propelling the Future

SERV Holdings, have a combined 70 years of experience in the retail automotive space. Our expertise stems from working for and collaborating with some of the country's most prominent retail leader as well as the vendor organizations which serve these dealerships. Our shared years of experience in the field provide us with unique perspectives on challenges that grind the gears of our community within the automotive sphere every day. Our skill sets and paradigms allow for executable innovation across the entire industry. This perspective allows us at SERV Holdings to see the industry's most pressing issues in the rear view and drives us forward as we utilize tech innovations of the future to tackle the problems of the present day.

Of course, we acknowledge and understand the primary challenges of the industry. However, a secondary challenge exists: Talented, eager entrepreneurs searching for an avenue to lead their own successful companies within our industry. Our goal at SERV Holdings is to provide these talented future leaders with the knowledge and skills to manage their own assets with far less risk and much more stability. By providing our field experience, financial backing, and expert insight on the curves ahead, we will be a steppingstone to entrepreneurs of the future and ensure the road to success is smooth and continuous. 


We understand that modern problems require modern solutions. And as we grew with the tech and automobile industries over the years, we've learned to adapt and change with the times. Our goal at SERV Holdings is to combine our expertise with innovation in order to find solutions for critical issues in the industry and to propel the future automotive leaders of America to reach their goals. SERV Holdings intends to serve as an "angel investor" and a "management incubator" for new entrepreneurs and future industry leaders. Our entrepreneurs, with the professional mentorship of SERV Holdings, will utilize tech innovation to overcome challenges across the entire spectrum of the industry by implementing creative solutions. What sets us apart is the combination of our mission at SERV Holdings and the individual missions of our entrepreneurs; To perfect the ability to recognize opportunities, theorize tech-based problem-solving skills, and hypothesize meaningful and executable solutions to complications. By coupling workable solutions with driven entrepreneurial partners/CEOs, we can bring innovation to an industry in need.

The Why

We believe in giving back to an industry that we have received so much from. We believe in ensuring valuable expertise is well-spent by passing all our wisdom to the next generation of leadership. We intend to share the vast wealth of our experience, knowledge, and practice through mentorship to our entrepreneurial partners/CEOs. As the Managing Partners of SERV Holdings, we will create meaningful dealership performances and efficiencies that utilize technological innovations of the modern day by guiding these future leaders, we intend to be the stewards for future leaders in the industry. Doing so will ensure the longevity and health of the industry one young leader at a time.

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