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Marketing Account Specialist

SERV Marketing is accepting applications for our growing B2B Account Management team. We are seeking experienced Marketing Account Specialist(s) to oversee a portfolio of clients and serve as key client facing liaison. This person will be responsible for leading the client relationship as well as all client deliverables, account strategy and execution.

BI Engineer

As a BI Engineer, you will hold the most visible position within the analytics team. Analytics is about communication as much as it is science. Conveying the right information at the appropriate level of abstraction to produce the best outcomes is the most important function of this role.

Data Architect

As a Data Architect, you will be developing the foundation upon which advanced analytics are built. Demonstrating high performance, in terms of requests per second as well as overall throughput, is an important element of the role.

Data Scientist

This position will entail working on research and development projects involving statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Setting up experiments and demonstrating predictive performance of models is an important element of the role.

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