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SERV Service is dedicated to improving dealership service efficiency and bottom line through increased retention, repair orders, & dollars per repair order through

unique, data-driven solutions.

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Auto Hologram

Warranty Rewind

true AI-based oem warranty claims processing

Discover $100,000+ in additional warranty dollars

- Missed warranty claims opportunity report

- Delivered regularly to your inbox & available on-demand

- Flags OEM compliance issues, reducing audit risk

- Maximizes legitimate OEM claims dollars

Auto Virtual Reality

Warranty Platform

One platform to manage all aspect of OEM claims

- Intake dealer data

- AI-based coding

- Submit to OEM

- Smart routing

- Claims status updates

- Advanced reporting

- Flags missed $

Business Meeting

Service Insights

One platform to manage all aspect of OEM claims

- De-anonymize website visitors that did not schedule service & invite to schedule


- Identify & return 2-3x more declined service customers


- Conquest same-make vehicle buyers & service customers from competitive dealerships


- Understand your market share & trend if you are gaining or losing share


- Know when your customers defect to aftermarket & dealership competitors & proactively prevent further defection

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