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Rob Volatile

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SERV Holdings

My Story

Rob began his career in automotive in 1992. His father was one of the original Pat Ryan and associates professionals that help to create the F&I marketplace in the late 60s and beyond. Rob was trained and placed in finance in a metro DC Ford dealership, where he worked for a year. He then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work for a large development and training agency called ADG. 


During his time in North Carolina, he worked with many large dealer groups and became a national finance and insurance trainer. During the subsequent years as a trainer, Rob trained well over 1000 finance managers in a formal Academy setting.  Rob also had the pleasure of working with Sonic Automotive as they went public, and had developed a reputation as a valuable asset to any Dealer and their finance and insurance operation.


1998, Rob moved to Philadelphia to start a company known as NorthEast Dealer Services. As a 27 year old entrepreneur, Rob’s plan was simple: be the absolute best partner to every dealer client that would allow him to do so. Northeast Dealer Services (NDS) became a powerhouse in finance income development and training in the region. Over the next 15 years, Rob partnered with many dealers and large dealer groups, and cemented his legacy as a true partner to their organizations.


From 1998 to 2014 Rob started multiple companies in addition to NDS. Each of those companies were related to the auto industry in multiple ways. Rob fostered a culture of excellence that still exists today. In 2014 Rob rolled up all of the companies under one umbrella and re-branded the new company as Strategic Diversified. From 2015 - 2021 SDs growth was nothing short of incredible. With a team of professionals that were unparalleled in delivering meaningful income development, and training to all of the SD clients, SD became a much sought after partner and potential acquisition target for national vendors.


In 2021 Rob engaged in an upstream merger with APCO holdings. Having worked with APCO for over 25 years, Robfelt that this transaction would allow he and his people to help shape the long-term value proposition for APCO holdings on a national scale. The simple goal was to re-create what SD had accomplished through APCO and its terrific employees on a national basis. This is where Rob met and began working with Scot Eisenfelder (CEO / Apco) as the Managing Director of Easycare. 


In late 2022, Rob decided to move on. Having spent almost 2 years working 12 hours a day to create a deliverable, national income development platform, Rob made the decision to move on. 


At this point, Rob was faced with a choice: simply retire and walk away, or continue to give back to the people and the business that had given him and his family so much. Rob chose the latter and partnered with Scot Eisenfelder to create SERV Holdings.  


As a cofounder and managing partner of SERV Holdings, Rob is able to transfer 30 years of experience to the best and brightest of tomorrow’s automotive leaders. Rob has been married to his wife, best friend, and partner Jennifer for 24 years. Without her Rob would have never accomplished all of his business goals.  Rob’s daughter Isabella, is a junior at Penn State University and the light of his life.

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