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Scot Eisenfelder

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SERV Holdings

My Story

Scot began his automotive career in 1990 rather by accident. Never a car enthusiast, he never thought much about the car industry. That changed when Scot interned in Booz Allen's Auto Practice and met Len Sherman, who would become his mentor for the next decade and a half. That summer he analyzed Chrysler's retail network for a proposed FIAT-Chrysler merger. The hook was set, as Scot immersed himself in the complexities of auto retail, learning from the world's best entrepreneurs, the American car dealer.


From Booz Allen, Scot followed his mentor to JD Power, where they worked on a series of industry-impactful engagements that lead to the resurgence of the Audi and Subaru brands in the US. Scot also was introduced to industry data and its application to auto marketing, applying consumer data to leading ad agencies in brand reviews with the team winning three of five opportunities.


Scot then returned to Booz Allen briefly before rejoining his mentor at Accenture which opened the door to global learning, managing projects in over 20 countries, from the sale of Kia from bankruptcy in Korea to retail strategy for Maruti in India. At home in the US, his team were innovators in developing eCommerce strategy and applying data to new models pricing and marketing optimization.


After returning to JD Power to run its Retail practice, Scot left consulting to become an executive at Reynolds & Reynolds, owning responsibility for product, marketing and strategy, exposing him to challenges of aligning product features to dealer profit levers. After Reynolds, Scot left to run JM Family's fledgling software business.


When JM Family sold JMsolutions, Scot went to AutoNation to head strategy, eventually adding CMO responsibilities. Here Scot likes to say he learned more in three years working for Mike Maroone than six years at two Ivy League institutions. With complete access to retail data and tremendous retailers, Scot set out to understand how the market would evolve and how to solve the biggest challenges auto retailers and their partners face to stay ahead of competition.


Armed with that learning, Scot founded Empiritas, a consulting firm dedicated to help dealers, OEMs and dealer service providers thrive in the emerging environment. This naturally led to Board positions at Quorum, Affinitiv and APCO. The later two, leading to CEO opportunities.


Over the years, Scot has developed an appreciation for the major retail challenges and how they can be solved through data and technology. Along the way he has met some extremely talented next generation superstars who have earned the right to create their own career paths. As such SERV Holdings represents an appropriate capstone to Scot's career, deploying a lifetime's learning in the service of paying forward the boost he got from a mentor over 30 years ago.


Scot is married with two children, splitting his time between South Florida and Montana. He graduated from Princeton University summa cum laude, the Wharton School as a Palmer Scholar and was a Fulbright Scholar at Mannheim University in Germany. Scot and Jessica bring a passion for education and compassion for the most in need to education projects in Kenya supported by their family foundation.

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